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Wandering Brushes

Los Angeles based artist, Amanda-Lee Harris Gibbs has been a self proclaimed artist since her elementary school days. Amanda works with many mediums but has recently discovered a newfound love for 3D anamorphic murals and street art. She loves creating pieces people can literally climb into and watch come alive. She hopes her artwork inspires and brings a smile to your face.

Her approach and output are constantly evolving as she hones her personal style. Wandering Brushes approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.

In 2018 Amanda created Wandering Brushes with the help of her supportive family. Amanda is always looking for the next opportunity to translate her everyday experiences into colorful artistic expressions. 

Harmony Harris

WanderingBrushes - Collaborator

Harmony Harris is a SoCal native and chalk art hobbyist. Often working in tandem with her sister, as part of Wandering Brushes - she enjoys creating playful, interactive and 3d art. Art remains a welcome escape from the mundane for her, and she is happy to share this with others.

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