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Yellowstone and all it's Wander... or Wonder ;)

Wanderingbrushes, the muralist team consisting of Amanda and Harmony, were recently commissioned to create a special mural for a loving couple. The couple, who were both world-famous pilots, had a tradition of traveling to Yellowstone every year with their growing family.

However, in their later years, the wife developed dementia and could no longer fly to their beloved destination. In an effort to bring Yellowstone to her, the husband decided to commission a mural in their backyard.

The project took 7 months, as Wanderingbrushes worked tirelessly to recreate the family's cherished memories. As a surprise, Amanda added their plane in the sky and the couple holding each other walking a path under a rainbow.

The finished mural was a stunning tribute to the couple's love and their shared experiences in Yellowstone. It was a beautiful way to bring the outdoors to the couple's backyard and to help the wife relive her cherished memories. Wanderingbrushes' attention to detail and dedication to the project truly made the mural a work of art.

This Mural was completed in Huntington Beach California May 2023

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